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Time Punch System

Looking for a convenient way to track the hours your personnel have worked? So were we! That's why we built an easy-to-use, secure, web-based time punch system which allows personnel to punch in and out as a means of tracking when they have worked. Unlike traditional paper card punches, no punches will get lost, punch history is retained, and an audit trail is formed when changes are made. In addition, whatever your pay cycles are, time reports which add up the hours for you can be generated for any pay period. And as your personnel punch in and out, you can view who is working and who is not working at any given time as well as which location they are working at. Also included is an easy-to-use web-based personnel scheduling system which allows all your personnel to view when they are scheduled to work in real-time! No more cross-outs and reprints, just go online and make the changes!


For more information, or to get set up on our web-based time punch system, please contact Tony Farrell at 414-463-4AUR (4287)


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