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Services and Training


Our web developers enjoy their work a great deal and would like to help you increase your web presence. We have a keen grasp of layout, aesthetics, and technical mastery as well as how to avoid the pit holes and errors that are found on other web pages. Whether you want a web page, logos, banners, or custom designed web applications; aur Web can make it happen. Call us at 414.788.0888 to increase your business today!


Interested in creating or updating your own website? Aur Web can teach you the basics in an hour or two. Aur Web Development offers a web development class that provides you with all of the skills and knowledge required to create and maintain your very own website. Our class costs $50 per hour and includes a CD with development software, templates, and editors so you can get started on your own pages right away.
The following topics are covered, and we can easily make changes if you would like assistance with specific issues:

- Basic Website Layout - Search Engine Optimization
- Website Maintenance - Increasing Hits to Your Website
- Web Jargon - Do's and Don'ts
- Dealing with Bandwidth - Different Browsers
- Compatibility with Different Computers  

To sign up for aur Web Developmentā€™s class, please send us a message here.
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