Who's participating?

The names of participating coffee shops in and around Milwaukee, WI.


Aur coffee club was created for the coffee lover. Located in Milwaukee WI, aur coffee club has created the ultimate way for coffee lovers to get coffee any time of the day, any day of the week. With a membership to aur coffee club your coffee purchasing options are endless. All memberships receive a reusable coffee cozy that can be redeemed for free coffee at any of our participating locations in the Metro Milwaukee area.

If you are a coffee lover, this is the perfect membership for you. Click here.

Better Value!

Memberships can be purchased quarterly or annually. A 3 month membership is $39.95, and a 1 year membership is $100, which is over $50 in savings. Sign up for a 1 year membership and receive a complimentary ceramic mug or stainless steel travel mug.

Having computer problems?

Bring your computer into one of our Tech-Tuesday locations and get a free diagnostic for your machine..

Have landscaping issues?

We can help you out at aur Green Team.


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