Want to host Tech-Tuesday at your location?

Interested in a free cup of coffee and check up for your computer?

Bring your computer to a participating location in the Milwaukee area, and enjoy a complimentary cup of coffee while one of our technicians performs a check up on your machine. This free check up is a free evaluation of your computer's needs, this may be related to troubleshooting performance issues, recomending upgrades, scanning for spyware and viruses, or data transfer. Any additional services beyond the check up can be performed at normal cost.

We will perform as many check ups as possible on-site, with regards to space, availability of tools, and internet connectivity. If we are unable to perform any or all required services at the Tech-Tuesday location, we can bring your computer back to one of our shops at the end of the day. If you leave your equipment with one of our technicians, it will be brought to our shop where we will complete all work on it. When the job is done, you can pick it up at our shop, wait until the next Tuesday and we will bring it with us back to the location you dropped it off, or you can arrange for us to deliver it to you for a small fee.

Currently, there are several locations in Milwaukee offering Tech Tuesdays, and we will continue adding more in the future. All locations will be listed on the site, along with the times our technicians will be available. We also offer a variety of computer services at our offices, and we work on PCs as well as Apple computers. If necessary, we even do house calls, for residential and commercial customers.

Tech-Tuesday F.A.Q.

Q: What does a free computer check-up include?

A: A free computer check-up is essentially a free evaluation of the computer's needs. This may be related to troubleshooting / problem resolution, upgrading, data transfer, and many other types of services. Any services performed beyond the check-up would need to be paid for.

Q: Do you do the check-ups on-site?

A: We may be able to do some check-ups on site, depending on the type of setup you would like us to have and the tools we bring with us, if you have internet access available, and other factors. We can discuss options with you. If we are unable to do the check-up on site, then we will bring the customer's equipment back to one of our shops at the end of the event.

Q: What happens if a customer leaves their equipment during Tech-Tuesday?

A: We will take their equipment with us back to one of our shops to work on it there, so you never have to store the equipment at your coffee shop. When the work is completed, the customer can pick it up at our nearest shop, we can deliver it to them for an extra fee, or we can bring it with us on the next Tech-Tuesday, and they can pick it up then.

Q: How many coffee shops offer Tech-Tuesday?

A: Currently, there are several in the Milwaukee, WI area, and we have capacity to service up to fifteen coffee shops total. When that capacity is reached, we will be adding additional capacity to service all interested coffee shops.

Q: Will my competitor across the street be able to sign up too?

A: No, we want you to able to differentiate your business in your local marketplace. Therefore, we are establishing a 'territory' of roughly one square mile, that is, we will not service another coffee shop within roughly one-half mile of your business.

Q: Is this being offered to any other businesses?

A: Currently, we are only running the promotion with coffee shops. However, if you have a compatible business and would like to host events with one of our technicians, we would like to discuss that mutually beneficial opportunity with you.

Q: How far will you go?

A: Currently, we will travel to coffee shops which are in the City of Milwaukee or within a thirty minute drive from Milwaukee.

Q: How do we get started?

A: Contact us at 414-463-4AUR to arrange a time we can come meet the owner or manager of the shop.

Q: So will all my customers get coffee you pay for?

A: Only customers who bring in a computer for a checkup will get complimentary coffee.

Q: When will we get paid for the customers' coffee?

A: We will mail out a check to pay for the coffee the day after the event.

Q: What if a customer brings in a computer for recycling?

A: Tech-Tuesday are NOT intended for computer recycling services. They need to bring their computer in to one of our own shops in order to get it recycled.

Q: How long will your technician be there?

A: Initially, we are looking to schedule two-hour-long timeframes at each location. This is subject to change at our discretion.

Q: Where will my coffee shop be advertised?

A: We will advertise your coffee shop on the aur Computer Service web site continuously under Tech-Tuesday, as well as including your business in press releases and other marketing materials and promotions conducted related to Tech-Tuesday.

Q: Can customers bring in computers outside of the scheduled timeframe on Tech-Tuesday?

A: Yes, we can work with you to establish computer services as an ongoing value-added service for your customers.

Q: Do you make house calls?

A: Yes, we perform on-site services for both residential and commercial customers.

Q: Do you work on Apple computers?

A: Yes we do.

Q: Do I need to put up signs in my shop advertising Tech-Tuesday?

A: No you don't, however, Tech-Tuesday will be far more mutually successful if you advertise them in your shop.

Q: Will you continue to provide Tech-Tuesday services even if there is no response?

A: Yes, we will give it some time to catch on, however, we reserve the right to discontinue Tech-Tuesday at your shop in the event there is very little or no customer interest over an extended period of time.

Q: Do we need to sign any contracts or paperwork?

A: No, all we require is a simple verbal agreement.

Q: What if I don't want to do Tech-Tuesday anymore?

A: You may discontinue the Tech-Tuesday service at any time; you are not under any obligation whatsoever to continue it. However, if you are no longer offering Tech-Tuesday, we will not continue to advertise your business on our web site and in our press releases.

Q: What other types of promotional expenses may there be?

A: We may choose, for example, to help cover the cost of coffee cups or paper sleeves which you are already incurring anyways, if it has a coupon or advertisement for our business printed on it. Or if you want to advertise Tech-Tuesday in a local paper or other media, we may pay for part of it as long as it includes our logo. We also want to know what other types of cross-promotional advertising you would like to do with us.

Q: Will there be Tech-Tuesday on holidays?

A: No, our technicians get all legal holidays off.

Q: What if Tuesdays doesn't work, can we try a different day?

A: No, this promotion is specifically for Tuesdays only, hence the name Tech-Tuesday.


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