Interested in having Tech-Tuesday at your location?

Tech Tuesdays is a promotion being offered to Milwaukee area coffee shops and cafes on Tuesdays, where customers can bring their PCs in for a free check up, and a complimentary cup of coffee. We will reimburse you for the coffee provided to customers bringing in their machines by sending out a check the day after the event. Currently, we are only running the promotion with coffee shops. However, if you have a compatible business and would like to host events with one of our technicians, we would be happy to discuss that mutually beneficial opportunity with you. We want you to be able to differentiate your business in your local marketplace, so we are establishing a 'territory' of roughly one square mile. That is, we will not service another shop within roughly one half mile of your business. Currently, we are looking to schedule two-hour long timeframes at each location, although this is subject to change.

We will advertise your coffee shop on this site, and on the aur Computer Service website continuously on the Tech Tuesday page, as well as including your business in press releases and other marketing materials and promotions conducted related to Tech Tuesdays. You don't need to put up any signs advertising Tech Tuesdays in your store, although Tech Tuesdays will be far more mutually successful if you advertise them in your shop. We can work with you to establish computer services as an additional value-added service to your customers, if you would like your consumers to be able to bring their computers in outside of scheduled Tech Tuesday dates and times. Although we offer computer recycling at our office locations, this is not something we offer for Tech Tuesdays, if a customer would like to recycle their machine, it will need to be brought to one of our shops.

If you are interested in having Tech Tuesday at your location, contact us at (414) 463-4AUR to arrange a time we can meet the owner or manager of the shop. We will currently travel to coffee shops which are in the City of Milwaukee, or a reasonable distance from the city. There is no contract or paperwork required, only a simple verbal agreement. If you no longer wish to participate in Tech Tuesday, you are under no obligation to continue, and can stop at any time.



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