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We are a preferred professional organization (PPO) dedicated to balancing clients' needs with product and service providers. Aur Enterprises serves businesses, consumers, professionals, and property owners. All of "aur" businesses, partners, and affiliates emphasize customer service, quality and fair pricing. Our goal is that you receive the best value for the services that we offer. Read aur Philosophy and aur Principles for more information. Want to join us? Read aur member benefits or contact us for more information.

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Tech-Tuesday - aur Computer Services is offering "Tech-Tuesday" at participating Milwaukee area coffee shops. Patrons can bring their computers to local cafés to receive a complimentary cup of coffee with their free computer check up. If you are interested in this free promotion for your café or would like to bring in your computer for a free checkup, please click here for more information

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aur Computer Service

Aur Solar - Aur Solar provides residential and commercial property owners throughout the Midwest region the ability to capture the clean and renewable energy of the earth’s greatest natural resource: the sun. We utilize the latest photovoltaic technology to reap the benefits from the sun, creating a endless source of natural energy.


Aur Computer Doctors Office Web Cam
aur Computer Service
Vliet St Location

Aur Computer Doctors Office Web Cam
aur Enterprises and aur Computer Service
Main Office

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